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The Pit Bull had many names during his time here on Earth - American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and even Staffordshire Bull Terrier. He had the misfortune of having a generic appearance, one of functionality, and so his ordinary, blendable features made him often confused with others. Thus, he was credited with all the wrongdoings attributable to those who looked even remotely like him.

The Pit Bull had an interesting birth. He was raised to hunt vermon, bait bulls and bears, and even fight his own kind. He was an athlete, a partner to humankind, doing their bidding eagerly, even when it cost him his own life.

Though he had his origins in Britain, as did our great nation, the Pit Bull is American through and through. However, he still is quiet recognizable as related to his British cousin, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

The Pit Bull did all that man asked of him. He hunted. He defended. He played. He fought. He tracked. He searched. He even died. 

There came a time, though, when man looked upon the Pit Bull and what he had asked of him and became afraid of him as a beast, though the Pit Bull merely grinned up at him, tail wagging.

Man, however, saw the Pit Bull as a fighting dog, a monster, forgetting that man himself had commanded the Pit Bull to fight. When man looked at the Pit Bull, he saw the evil in his own soul, and that frightened him. Man then sought to exterminate the Pit Bull, and with it the evidence of what man had done to the most loyal and courageous being he had ever nurtured and developed.

The Pit Bull was hunted to extinction in the early 21st century. Many that had done no wrong were killed merely due to the misfortune of their birth. Heroes and scoundrels alike were ripped from the humans who loved them and sentenced to death at the hands of strangers. 

It is too late for the Pit Bull. He exists only in the minds of those still alive to remember him. Now, rid of the Pit Bulls to thrust their hatred and fear upon, man has turned to a new breed of so-called monster.

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His legacy
Alaska's first certified hearing dog  
RCA, a little white Pit Bull, became Alaska's first certified hearing dog. Dr. Joyce Murphy, a veterinarian, temperament tested 170 dogs to find the right dog to be Alaska's first certified hearing dog.

A little female Pit Bull outscored all other dogs and went on to become a true Pit Bull ambassador.
Inspired the formation of the K9 corps  
Stubby, a Pit Bull, was the United States' first and most decorated war dog. He saved his soldiers from a mustard gas attack and captured a German spy. He was invited to the white house twice and decorated for his bravery.
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